Real Estate Marketing

Powerful Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

  • Made for professional Real Estate Brokers, Agencies and Agents, Realia combines the essential tools every real estate professional needs to succeed into one seamless and easy-to-use platform.
  • With intelligent automation, a professional front-end website, state-of-the-art CRM, MLS integration, and battle-tested lead generation landing pages, Realia is the only tool an agent, team, or brokerage will ever need to scale their business in today's market.
  • 70% of trust and credibility comes from website design alone. Most agents lose leads because their website is outdated and doesn't function properly. This is the biggest buying decision in their client life and trust will be important to convert leads!
  • Agents using this proven toolset have closed billions of dollars in sales in 2021 alone.
  • 80% of leads won't close until 5-12 follow-ups. Let Realia do all the hard for you and get leads in front of the agent when they are red hot!

An All-In-One Marketing Platform for Real Estate

Combine all the software an agent uses into one place where they all talk together. Agents will have a website login, CRM login, ad manager, and other tools that don't work together. Solarus360 is the ONLY login they need to scale their business!

Real Estate Website

Stats show that 70% of your credibility is earned within the first 8 seconds a user spends on your website. Your website design is critical to earning the trust of any potential lead that is browsing your website.

Includes Hosting & Maintenance!

CRM Built For Real Estate Professionals

  • Full Website Integration - Know exactly where your leads came from, what MLS listings they look at, and set email dips in one place.
  • Intelligent Automations - Follow up and nurture cold leads into buyers with automation that will know exactly how to follow up with no effort from you.
  • Tracking & Communication - See every text, call, note, reminder, and status on your lead list within a few clicks.
  • Monthly SMS Messages Plans Included 
  • Monthly Emails Campaign Plans Included

Lead Gen Landing Pages

We have battle-tested every aspect of lead generation landing pages for real estate professionals by running hundreds of thousands of ad dollars through them to ensure you will see the lowest cost per lead out there! These will also plug leads directly into your CRM and automation.

More Notable Features

  • Home Valuation Tool - Give your leads and website visitors a live 3D-interactive map to find what their home is worth in today's market.
  • CRM Reminders & Calendar - Let Realia act as your personal assistant and send you an itinerary of to—do’s every morning to get the most from your leads.
  • MLS Data Reformatting - Realia takes the ugly look of an MLS listing and reformats it into beautiful website pages, catalogs, and emails.
  • Text & Email Automations - Have our system automatically send MLS drips, nurture emails, text messages, follow-ups, and other communication.
  • Live Chat Integration - Connect Facebook messenger to have live chat on your website that will automatically collect lead info.
  • Support - Unlimited support Zoom calls to make sure you are getting the most from the Solarus360/Realia platform.
  • And much more!!!


How long to get my website live?

We can get your website live in 3-5 business days if you have all the materials ready!

What if my leads are entered somewhere else?

We will import all your leads and their data for you! Simply send it to and we will take care of the upload.

How do I setup my domain?

We will guide you through exactly how to acquire a custom domain for your website in easy how-to videos inside your login!

What if I want to add or change things on my site?

No problem! We have a feature called Live Edit Mode that makes it easy to change your site with just a couple of clicks. You can also reach out to our support team and have things changed anytime!

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